Switch / Receptacle Upgrades

Switch Upgrades

A light switch is made up of moving parts that, like anything else overtime, will eventually breakdown because these parts loosen and begin to fail.  Although this can be frustrating, it can also be a great opportunity to replace your old switch with one that can dim your lights.  This will add life to your light bulbs and also save in energy costs as you use only the amount of light you need.

Receptacle Upgrades

Here are a few common reasons for replacing old receptacles:

1.) The receptacle slots are loose and therefore do not hold the plug in. I have found this happens allot of times when there is not enough power outlets in a room.  Because of the repeated plugging in of devices these slots get worn out

First option will be to replace the receptacle.

Second option would be to install another outlet in the area desired to prevent this from reoccurring to soon afterwards.

2.) There are only (2) slots on the receptacle in the wall.  The reason for this is there was not a requirement to have an equipment grounding wire run with the other conductors when your home or place of business was built.  This third prong that you now have on most all extension cords and small appliance cords requires this third slot as it is how the user and the equipment are protected.

First option is to run new wires from the panel to the existing outlet box and replace the old receptacle with a new one.

Second option is to replace the two slot receptacle with a GFCI receptacle.

3.) Code now states that all receptacles in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and outside must be GFCI protected.  These GFCI outlets protect the user from electrical shock if a ground fault occurs.

This simply entails replacing the old receptacle with a GFCI model.

4.) Tired of those plastic push-in child safety devices that get lost and look strange.

There is now receptacles that have this child safety feature built in.