Service Panel Changes / Upgrades

Service Panel changes and upgrades are our specialty!

Many homes today, including mine, were built many years ago when there was considerably less available electric equipment such as microwaves, large entertainment equipment, hot-tubs, etc.  With all of these added conveniences we unwittingly put ourselves in danger of overloading our electrical service.  Just like only so much water can be forced down a pipe before it bursts, so is electricity running through the wiring in your home.

What Benefits Are There To Upgrading My Service?

  1. By upgrading your service you will have more peace knowing that the heart of your electrical system is safe.
  2. New panels that we install will also give you room to grow, with the added spaces they provide for future circuits.
  3. The electrical grounding for your home, which is paramount to your safety, will be brought up to code per NEC requirements.
  4. The circuits will be clearly marked for your convenience in case a circuit breaker trips.

How Do I Know I Need A New Electrical Panel?

  1. A good place to start is to look at the manufacturer of your electrical panel.  There are two brands in particular that should be aggressively dealt with: Federal Pacific Electric (FPE), and Zinsco.  These two brands are responsible for many fires as their equipment fails to turn off when needed.  We encourage you research for yourself online what the dangers are of these panel types.
  2. If your panel still uses the screw-in type fuses to protect your circuits.
  3. If you are adding large equipment to your existing panel i.e. heating elements, spa, etc.

What Can I Expect?

First we will come out and talk to you about your project, as each system will be different.  At this time we will show you what to expect during the project, and determine if you actually need a panel upgrade.  In some instances we are able to rearrange things in your panel, which will allow you to accomplish your goal without the hassle and expense of upgrading your electrical service.

Next we will send you an estimate that will include the minimum requirements for your project, and also any options we discussed during the walk-through.