Why do receptacle outlets just stop working?

Receptacles are simple devices that over time, or through manufacturer defect sometimes simply break, and need to be replaced.  Another possible answer is that from over time the wires that bring power to the receptacle have expanded and contracted from the heat produced when current flows through it.  This makes the wires brittle and the electrical bond can be lost through this process.  This could be a potentially dangerous situation and should not be ignored.

My light does not turn on anymore?

Like receptacles, light switches are simple devices that over time or through manufacturer error tend to break.  After checking to see if the switch truly is the problem and we find it to be working properly, we will check the wiring that is attached to the fixture;  making sure that there is a quality splice.

Some light fixtures contain ballasts, which is basically the brains of the fixture, and they too over time seem to go bad.  In most cases we can just replace the ballast without having to install a new fixture.

The breaker keeps tripping?

Circuit breakers also are simple devices that due to time or poor quality can stop functioning properly and need to be replaced. More commonly I seem to find that the circuit being protected by this breaker is overloaded.  This happens because older homes were not designed to supply the various appliances that we so commonly use today.  To remedy this problem we will bring a dedicated circuit to the area that is causing the overload.